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Interview: Dr Meaker - Dirt & Soul

What has been your favourite musical moment?

I think smashing our Live Lounge for Trevor Nelson was a great experience and massively rewarding as we fucked one up years before. Also from Live

performances have been incredibly. Notably Glastonbury and Colours of Ostrava

in the Czech Republic.


What is your ultimate musical dream?

To make a brilliant album and to tour the world with my live act.


If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Randy Crawford.


If you could only listen to one track for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Air - All I Need


Do you have any current projects that you are working on right now?

Yes I have just finished a really exciting project for Circus Records. It’s essentially

a remix album of my most recent album ‘Dirt & Soul’. I didn’t want to do a straight remix album though, as I wanted to be involved in the remixes myself. I

had made the album with a no compromise attitude, whereby I didn’t want to necessarily stick to dancefloor formulas and so I made the album the way I wanted to, artistically. I then wanted to remix the whole album for the dancefloor and thought it would be a great way to involve some of my peers and friends (Aries, Break, Digital, Dj Marky, Macky Gee, Octo-Pi Serum, Ted Jasper, Terrahawk, Umpire, Voltage). A big part of the motivation was just for me to get

out of my own studio to write some music, as I spent a long time in there making the original album and I needed a break from my surroundings.


Collaborating on the album also gave me a chance to share some of my production knowledge and to have an insight into other producers methods and

work and vice Versa so we were all able to learn from one another. I’m really

happy with the way the album has turned out and it’s been getting a lot of love from the biggest drum and bass DJs and also across the radio and Internet. It’s been a wicked vibe and now we’re taking the whole thing out on tour in the UK & Europe for the ’Dirt & Soul - Collaborated Dj Tour’ What has been the most surreal musical moment for you? Playing on top of a mountain with my live band in the Swiss Alps: literally outdoors, freezing and performing in the sky.


What is the meaning behind your artist name?

I was at Bath Spa Uni and there was some arrogance amongst a couple of the Drs

in the classical music department (head of music). The head didn’t really respect

us as ‘real’ musicians because we were more into electronics and stuff, so I started to rebel and handed all my work in as ‘Dr Meaker’, just to say “get over

yourself - it’s just a title - you c*nt”.


What music have you grown up listening to that you feel inspired your sound?

I grew up listening to my mum’s records (mainly 70’s music) and the rave scene (early 90’s onwards) and kept an open mind to all of the musical styles that I came across since then.


Where would you mostly like to do a tour?

America & Asia.


What 5 things do you need to have in the studio to make a banger?

Some time without boundaries






Tell us a completely none music related fact about yourself that we didn’t know!

I like to escape and walk on the Mendip hills in Somerset every autumn to pick

mushrooms and enjoy the great outdoors.


What do you like the most about being a musician?

Having a positive outlet for my creative mind.


What advice would you give to somebody that wants to pursue this career?

Go for it!


Have you ever had a weird/awkward experience whilst playing live?

Yes loads. There was this maniac that jumped on the stage in Bristol one time in some kind of freak out mission he was on. Another time I had transposed my keyboard by mistake and so the whole band were playing in different keys and the bass player was trying to re-tune his bass life to the new key and by the time he got there I realised and put my keyboard back to the correct setting so he was

off again. It was a total car crash.


We did a gig at the PRS in London and the sound engineer didn’t save our settings after soundtrack which led to our vocalists not being able to hear

anything in the monitors and sounding like they couldn’t sing in tune. It’s all online if you’re the type of person that likes to slow down for a good look at a car



We’ve had power cuts, hard disk failures, broken voices, torrential rain and wind but we keep rolling regardless and have never backed out of a difficult situation.

I find thats & where a good team pulls together and smashes it.


Is there anything other than music that you would like to take up as a hobby?

Maybe painting but only when I feel I’ve got something to say. There have been a few times in my life where I felt like the only way I can express myself by

drawing it. It would probably be more of a compulsion than a hobby to be honest. Actually I’ve got into travelling recently and have planned a visit to Ghana soon.










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