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News: Zeus Sound presents ... The World Of Garage And Bass

Various Artists - The World Of Garage And Bass

Release date: 02/03/18


25 years after the emergence of UK Garage music, to this day the sound is well loved. After the golden first ten year stretch, came a period of time which was coined the lost years(2003 - 2010, where new producers emerged and kept the sound alive. Sub genres emerged. Bassline, Dubstep, Grime, and UK Funky all thrived whilst the traditional sound of UK Garage was very much in its own bubble.


The return of new UK Garage music from 2011 gave the genre the boost it needed. 

New producers got the attention they deserved, legendary producers returned, and since then more and more events have surfaced showcasing both Old Skool Garage, and new Garage music. 


There is a very clear throwback side to the genre which is still extremely popular today. The classics remain embedded in the genres history. Additionally, the Bassline scene has also made a successful return and progressed a great deal internationally too.


It’s now the turn of the new underground sound of UK Garage to find its own pocket. The genre has brought together many like minded collaborators who all share the love and enthusiasm for the genre, performing together at similar events and pushing the new sound forward.


Garage & Bass has merged, taking on the vibe of yesteryear but updating its sound for today's ravers. Producers such as Mind Of A Dragon (MOAD), Smokey Bubblin B, Mike Delinquent, Blakk Habit and other artists/producers who are truly dedicated to the genre they represent, feature on this very compilation, ‘The World Of Garage And Bass’.


A project which was originally started life as a 5 track EP, suddenly grew and grew with the help of social media. New producer/artists and established ones alike caught wind of the idea and wanted to be involved, and the resulting 29 tracks sound like an exciting body of work!


Look out for tracks such as "Rays" (Blakk Habit and MOAD ft Cecelia), "Pump It Up" (Smokey Bubblin' B and Evil B vs B Live), and "Fabric" (P Money & Mike Delinquent) which all portray the variety you can find within the sound.


‘The World Of Garage And Bass’ is released on Zeus Sound Records on March 2nd, 2018.


Two tracks available today are:

Two producers soundtracking the sound of Garage And Bass, Mind Of A Dragon, and Blakk Habit collab on the classy "Rays" featuring the delightful vocals of Cecelia. 

A track which started life as an instrumental, has now been vocalled especially for release of The World Of Garage And Bass.

Pre-Order "The World Of Garage And Bass" here and unlock "Rays" immediately to download and stream!


"Rays" by Blakk Habit and Mind Of A Dragon feat Cecelia


Mike Delinquent Project - "Warrior 2"



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