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News: Kove Is Back! First release from artist in a while since February + Exclusive Q&A!

LONDON, November 24th, 2017 – Kove is back! After a deep period of creative hibernation, the promising young artist who broke through on labels such as Viper, Program and MTA returns with one of his most accomplished EPs to date. Heavy, textured, unapologetically raw and covering vast expanses of D&B’s ever-sprawling landscape: Drum&BassArena is the perfect home for his comeback release. 




‘In From The Cold’ is Kove’s personal guide into his own deep D&B psyche, revealing what makes him tick at around 170. From soaring soul to breath-taking technoid synthesis, no stone is left unturned as he sculpts out four on-point cuts from deep within. ‘Ain’t No Love’ eases us into this trip gently with beautiful strings, a loin-stirring vocal and rolling breaks. Pure turbo emotion, drop it and watch the goosebumps fly.


‘Dig It’ follows with an almighty slap. Recalling the muscular drama of the late 2000s as drum & bass teetering on the edge of this decade’s global explosion, it hints at arena-sized theatrics while remaining underground and forthright with its bold-as-brass bass textures and heads-down dynamic. 


‘Give ‘Em Hell’ takes us even deeper down Kove’s dark rabbit hole with a 99 flavoured two-step and tunnelling bass aesthetics that worm and writhe with a wry nod to the Virus legacy. Techy but still laced with a tangible groove, and a breakdown powered by pure barbed euphoria, it’s Kove at his heaviest and most disarming. 


Finally we have ‘Valkyrie’. The most cinematic, sense-blurring composition of the pack, it comes complete with sweeping chainsaw chords, stark cosmic aesthetics and harmonics that will keep the shoe manufacturing industry in business for at least five years. Welcome back Kove. Don’t leave it so long next time.




Which one of your tracks on your new EP In From The Cold means the most to you and why?


It would probably have to be ‘Ain’t No Love’. It came together in a slightly unorthodox manner. A friend of mine was doing some voiceover work for in the studio and randomly started ad libbing at the end of our session. i just caught the performance, background noise and all, and that became the vocal line for the song. Its one of those where you catch a moment, and from there the tune came together quickly.


What is the meaning behind your artist name? 


Haha, if i had a penny for every time i’d been asked that.. I saw it on the back of a lorry about 10 years ago. I thought it looked cool so stuck with it!


What music have you grown up listening to that you feel inspired your sound?


I listened to a lot of 70’s and 80’s music when i was younger, thanks to my mum who is a huge prog rock fan. I try to some of those sounds in my production, such as the mellotron in the intro of ‘Ain’t No Love’, or the sitar lines in ‘Dig It’, plus i use a lot of vinyl noise and tape his in my tunes to try and give a bit of a retro feel. I was (and still am) a huge metal head growing up, but i dont think thats influenced my music a whole lot. I have used guitars and bass on a few tunes in the past, however i find it can often come over a little cheesy in Drum and Bass if used in the wrong way.


What 5 things do you need to have in the studio to make a banger?


A great idea

time & patience


Sub Bass

A great idea!


How do you feel that your sound has changed over the years, if so, and what has influenced that?


I got into Drum and Bass making melodic, liquidy dancefloor tunes, and then from there diversified and explored different genres and styles. However now with the release it seems to have come full circle back to that dance floor sound. If anything i think my music's got a little darker and angrier. I can’t imagine putting out a tune like Give ‘Em Hell 3 or 4 years ago, but the timing now seems right. As to what influenced that, i suppose i felt a bit of anger at myself at how i lost my way abit over the last 18 months, but now i'm back and want to make my mark again.


Tell us a completely non - music related fact about yourself that we didn’t know!


II have a couple of webbed toes. they’re hideous.


Did you ever have a plan B to music? 


I didn’t. My parents were super supportive in letting my pursue music, as i think they worked out very quickly that's what i was going to end up doing. Even when i got kicked out of uni there was no ‘you need to get a normal job now’ chat, rather they gave me a window where they would support me as long as i worked my arse off to make music happen.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Who knows! Its music - things fly by so fast. Whether i’ll still be working in the dancier side of things or not nobody knows, but i’ll still be working in music in some capacity i’d imagine.

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