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News: Bookings for CVAV // Current Value Audio Visual Mechanism

CVAV is a collaborative live project that elevates the inimitable and pioneering sonics of Current Value to an entirely new experiential level, featuring the combined vision of an entirely new and powerful audio manifesto from CV with searing visuals from the Greenaway & Greenaway studio, transformed into an agile and highly responsive live audio visual set that’s designed to tear audiences’ minds open and unleash a complex journey into the highly technological and exploratory world of the artist. With the launch of Current Value's next LP incoming on a major label (announcement soon) - hype for the project is assured.
CVAV is not a one off tour, it is a new creative entity that has been birthed to bring the drum & bass sphere to a new peak of intensity – an ongoing project that will continue to evolve and deliver new audio and visual experiences. With the live teasers announced by UKF, and exceptional main stage tour dates at some of the EU’s largest events confirmed, the first of which we are allowed to announce as Let It Roll Winter Slovakia – CVAV is landing, and is set to switch things up in the most significant of ways. 
Major Winter festival tour dates are confirmed for the coming season including Let It Roll and an even larger festival TBA. We're currently open to booking offers, mail me back if you are interested.
CVAV is also offered as part of the MethLab AV tour, which includes Billain - Hyperbinary, Broken Note AV, Datacode - Wraithmachine and Zan Lyons. You can see material from these shows on our Vimeo here:

CVAV // Live Teaser from MethLab on Vimeo.

We've now launched the CVAV (Current Value Audio Visual) mechanism with it's premiere in Vienna happening last weekend with a really great response (check a small clip of how that show looked HERE)

First content teaser trailer here if you missed it, also on UKF!

Second live teaser trailer for CVAV, as launched on UKF last week!



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