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News: Down To a Sunless Sea Immersive Book Launch – Thursday 28 th September


Down To a Sunless Sea

Immersive Book Launch – Thursday 28th September


In the future, story telling will be told by humans & A.I.



We invite you into this world where the lines between fact and fiction

are blurred, where A.I. technology collides with traditional literature to bring a fresh take on language and creative thinking.

Touching on themes of societal segmentation, celebrity status and the modern obsession with personal image, Down to a Sunless Sea mirrors these narcissistic ideals focused on in Western culture.


Set in a strange, hybrid future, this book launch is an imaginative take on Shoreditch culture, where corporations and 21st century tastes mingle with a world of medieval knights, lords, and ladies of the court. In a dystopian London run by sinister aristocracy, Blake is part of a dying breed of creatives.


The story follows Blake, full time pretentious hipster and an aspiring high society fashion designer, waking up after a night out in Shoreditch that he can only half-remember. As the evening wears on Blake, through the haze of a hangover, must decide who is his friend and who is foe in the race against time to follow Lady Helen's command; but is he ready to learn the truth?


Arrive dressed for a lavish occasion where drinks, canapes, and props will be provided. Take on characters between good and evil - which one will you choose?



About the book:

The author has used artificial intelligence to provide the machines with the ability to generate text to fit in with the novel, creating entirely new vocabulary, which is scattered throughout the book. Trousers have been replaced with pardangers, wristwatches with fashangles, and a large part of the story is set around The Eggplant

-a rundown Gherkin tower in a dystopian City of London.

"I have exposure to the most cutting edge A.I. and I think people should be really concerned about it" -Elon Musk, inventor and engineer.


Should we, like inventor of Tesla and well respected tech pioneer Elon Musk, be concerned about Artificial Intelligence or, does it enrich our lives like the new language does next to English within this book?


Join the debate on man vs machines on the night and why not read up before the event itself at


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Thunderclap Publishing is an independent publisher exploring innovative ideas in literature, culture and philosophy. They are particularly interested in the intersections with fast-growing fields like tech and biology.

Thunderclap Publishing’s belief that original ideas should be nurtured underpins their whole agency, specialising in cultivating new ideas in literature, culture, and philosophy, connecting diverse fields and bringing the cutting edge to market.

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