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News: This Ain't Bristol new release album Celebrations


The story goes, two and half years ago, we decided to create a label from what initially started as a club night in Hannover, Germany in order to spread some good vibes beyond our local boundaries. We could not have possibly known that it was going to be those vibes that set the tone for what people all sides of the globe know today as This Ain’t Bristol.


We’ve come a long way in 2,5 years. Prepare to embark on our 25th release. We are rolling this one out just like it all started and making our initial claim shine brighter than ever: Let’s spread some real good vibes house music. 15 carefully selected tracks that all meet our strict definition of quality and outstanding fun have been curated for your enjoyment. Contributed by the exceptional talent with which we have been lucky enough to surround ourselves since day dot, TAB025 is ready. We hope you like it.




01 Nick Olivetti & Heartly Beats ft. Kid Enigma - Bang Low 

02 Maximono - Waka 

03 Mat.Joe - Flirty Laundry 

04 Weiss - Warp 

05 Bot - Work That Shi 

06 Billy Kenny - Redline 

07 Worthy - Move That 

08 Josh Brown - Aint it Funky 

09 Lux Groove & Mark Starr - My Style 

10 Kry Wolf - Brush Yo Teeth 

11 Middath - Choppin N Cuttin  

12 Jordan Burns - Weekend 

13 Taiki Nulight & Lo'99 - Okay 

14 Wongo - Sub Circus 

15 Chuurch- Flippin 

16 Walshingtin - Pretty Cool


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