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News: Navigator - Alignment Premiere & Interview

For those that don't know, Navigator has been, and still is, one of the most prolific MC's in the Jungle and Drum & Bass scene.  His determination and focus has finally lead to his debut album 'Alignment' being released.  27 tracks taking you on a music journey through different genres and styles.  Conscious lyrical content that many people will identify with, and the message will appeal to all generations of true skool music lovers worldwide.


Body Bang was a standout for us. Navi delivers a flawless lyrical flow over a ragga style beat. It's that kinda track that gets you up out of your seat - are you ready to Body Bang?


Navi gave us a few words that really illustrate what this album truly means to him.

What does this album mean to you?

This album is my musical story (in part) over the last 12 years. It has been a long time in the making and has also been a physical, spiritual and emotional journey. It has helped me grow as an artist, a producer and a creative director. Me and Liondub have expanded together musically and have chronologically put an epic body of work together that represents (in the words of Liondub) "A definitive chapter in the life of Navigator". 


Not only that, I have also made Pt.3 to my ongoing documentary series called 'The Evolution of a London MC' which I have been working on over the past 7 years, with production outfit Beat Culture London run by long time friend Jamie Ross Hulme. Pt.3 shows my personal and professional development over the last 6 years living in Berlin Germany studying and making music and visuals, we have also put a little sound track compilation together to add to the documentary package. This album is consolidating and solidifying my status as an artist and also displays songwriting skills and an array of vocal styles, amongst other skills I have developed in my capacity as a creative artistic being, that many people won't know me for. 


Therefore this album means more than the whole world to me, coz I did it my way with help and guidance from many people, especially Liondub and my brother Alaska. The sense of achievement and accomplishment is indescribable, but at the same time I feel a sense of closure that has given rise to a new desire, to go to the next level. I feel brand new out here right now, this album is just a warm up to bigger and better things to come in the near in future. 


Alignment is exactly that, an alignment of musical energy, genres, styles, producers and vocalists. It is also an alignment of elements that have combined to give me a refreshed feeling of inspiration and motivation which everyone will see expressed in my future projects and releases. 'Alignment' is a gift to all of my family, fans, ravers and all the industry people who have loyally helped me to push my music and supported me over the years, I wanna say thank you very much, I am very grateful.


What do you feel when you hear your tracks fully finished and out there?


The first word that comes to mind is Rich! Then I feel overwhelmingly happy!! .. Like.. little kid 'ridiculously' happy, to the point where I feel like I just wanna explode out of my skin, LOOOOL. I think the only feeling thats better is being in front of an audience performing my tracks; and feeling the passion I put into making my music come right back at me in the form of love and appreciation, even if it's just one person that gets it. Recording vocals, making music & performing at shows is my joy in life and making this album was a concept I had in my head since 1999. 


I have made 4 albums over the years that never came out because of whatever problems or politics. I had made some dope music over that period of time, some of which has made the cut onto Alignment. But first of all, I had to go back and get producers to help me re-produce some of the beats because I had no stems for any of the tracks, only poor quality mp3's. I had to go back and re-voice tracks and get it exactly like it was sung before. 


Then I had to make a load of new songs and videos to bring the whole story full circle and up to the present time, whilst paying attention to keeping it fresh and relevant. It was a huge task, but me and Liondub along with Alaska were determined to see it through to the end. Finally, when we finished compiling the album, with all the skits etc, and I sat there and listened to it from beginning to end, I was like: raaaaaaahhh!!!! we actually did it!! That feeling was just mad exciting, like WOW! 


This music thing is a process we have to go through, we have to trust that process and know it will manifest. Same thing with the first single Sound The Alarm, from getting the beat right with Bassface Sascha, going back and getting Skarra Mucci to sing a new hook, going backward and forward with Liondub until we got the mixdown right (being the perfectionists we are). Then approaching Serum for a remix, making the video in Mannheim, then doing a 'remix video' for the Serum remix, which went on to win best video in the North U.S drum and bass Awards. Mad!


Then to top it all off, I am on stage or in radio stations or wherever, seeing the fans and ravers loving the track, DJ's playing the track regularly etc... Its like a melting pot of feelings and emotions that bubbles over and makes me feel, 'effervescent' for want of a better word.. Yeah, I actually feel fully fizzy when I drop a new piece of product, so you can only imagine how amplified that feeling must be for me with regards to this album. Say no more!


Do you have any shouts?
Navigator would like to big up: my Mother & Father (RIP) for giving me life in the first instance, my children & grandchildren who have been a major inspiration in my transition into the artist Navigator, I love you all dearly. Out to my team at ODT Muzik and Liondub-ODT Muzik, my dear brother Alaska MC, man like Liondub


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