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Interview: Annix [Playaz Recorings] Top 5 Influencers plus New Release

Since Annix’s last release, Jungle Consumes Everything on Playaz in November last year, we’ve been sitting tight for the follow up. Enter The Dog Knows, a full on stomping EP packed with Drum & Bass gems. 


Launching this new chapter, Annix teams up with Prestige for The Dog Knows, a raw and fiery bashment assault that’s swiftly followed with Decimal Bass & Vacuum’s Invasion which strips back to the basic elements of rave meets D&B. 



Annix this time teams up with Turno for Cold Killer, an epic intro into an equally epic drop, bass bins will be crying for this one. Hot on its heels is Konichi’s Get It, a true foot soldiers of the dance anthem. 


If I Told You I'd Have to Kill You – if you heard it you’d dance till to you dropped anyway. Wrapping up affairs is Maintain, a dark and sinister roller for the heads. 

The Dog Knows, and now you do. 




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1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Not a track but the whole album was massive inspiration for me and a big incentive to get into music…lost count of how many times Ive listened to this album…Everything about it is amazing.



2. G Dub - Tink Ya Bad

One of the first Drum & Bass tracks I heard and realised that music didn’t have to be made by bands…was of course blown away and decided to start making it myself?? 




3. PA - Para People

Still to this day one of the grimiest Drum & bass tracks out there in my opinion, after hearing this and a few others went down a much darker route of making music and feel like this is still an influence for me to this day. Simple but effective, especially in a club.




4. DJ Pleasure - Tick Fa Tack

Everything DJ Pleasure made from 07/08 - 2012/13 was a massive influence. He had the most forward thinking jump up sound and a vibe that still hasn’t really been done since. Grimey and dark.




5. Noisia - Shaking Hands 

A more recent influential track. This track made me realise that grimy hard Drum & Bass could still have technical production and a blend of the two was for me now the best formula. This track and the rest of the EP was ground breaking and we still play it today. 


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