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What's Going On? Review #001 - Regression Sessions

Pack London Reviews: #001

Regression Sessions @ Bankside Vaults



Credit: David Sloley - Editorial Team



So we at Pack London thought that instead of just telling you all about the dope spots to hit for your weekend madness, we’d hit up some of these events ourselves and either remind you of how it went down, or what exactly you missed out on in our brand new reviews series What's Going On? First up, we’ve got the infamous party kings Regressions Sessions and their most recent shell out down the Bankside Vaults!





Now, I feel like I need to admit that this was actually my first ever time reaching Regression Sessions and while I’d have loved to hit up one of their multi-arena events (because ball pits. cannonball gang), this edition at Bankside Vaults did not disappoint at all. Here’s why:






Major problem I find with a lot of nights I normally go to, is that should there ever be a second room, it’s normally just there as a space filler. Out of place. Like the veg in your Chicken Katsu Curry when you’re at Wagamamas. It’s there for you, but you’re not really there for it. 



I honestly spent most of my night in Room 2. Yeah yeah, it’s a bit mad that I’m here talking to you about an event where I spent a larger time in a room other than the main, but I truly feel it’s a testament to just how well these guys put together a night. That, and I’m an avid D&B fan in comparison to House flavours. I also genuinely expected the room just to be comprised of a handful of stragglers trying to catch a vibe but to my pleasant surprise, it was rammed and whoever was in control of the tunes was fully holding it down. Full spectrum. Today’s bangers & El Classicos.



Anyway, I knew I couldn’t write a review on a night without having checked out both rooms, so I headed into the main arena to check out what it was saying. Now like I said before, House isn’t normally my thing. It’s fun to mix but I’m an impatient guy when it comes the rave given my background of predominately impact based music, but I actually got down with it. The atmosphere was light and, like they’d planned, it didn’t feel overly serious.





That’s actually the one thing that drew me to the night when they first booted up. If you’re new to the London’s dance music clubbing scene, especially in this current rave climate, it can feel like you’re jumping into the middle of a TV series and constantly playing catch up. Lots of people around you already know what they’re doing, rolled up in crews and are talking in a language about previous nights, artists and a whole other heap of other jargon that’s putting this glaring newbie spotlight on you and your fresh kicks that you instantly regret wearing out. Regression Sessions full on reminded me of my early nights out, where it was all just straight forward fun, house party / pop up party style. Also shout out to the don running round topless with a hench tophat on. Warmed my heart. Costume game was solid. Which brings me to my next point:






Now if you’re not sure what I mean by production, then what I’m basically getting at is the venue decorations / stage decorations. This isn’t something I’ll probably reference in future reviews as it’s normally quite minimal with the odd banner or two. Regression Sessions went in. Room 2 had this outdoor garden decor going on, and while it was something I hadn’t seen before it was a tidy contrast from the lack of / no decor you see elsewhere, while Room 1 had this very cool blue lighting going on which is also a nice change from having strobes just popping off in my face.



Now I have to be objective here, the lights were on in Room 2 and that did rock me a bit - but it had no affect on the rooms atmosphere and I forgot about it as quickly as I’d noticed it. As for the main stage, you can see from the photos that it was absolutely mental. People talk about clubbing as a form of escapism, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If I spend one night a week escaping staring at my laptop screen whilst melting into my office chair, then I’m bless with that and I suspect you are too.





The overall production at RS really added to the experience - without wanting to sound like every cheeseball movie ever, the time I spent there that night, I completely forgot about everything else outside those doors. Work, my ever dwindling bank balance, trying not to face plant someones sweaty armpit on the central line, cold steak bakes from Greggs. So hat off to the Regressions crew for putting on one hell of a show.



TL;DR: The Regression Sessions crew have nailed the balance between quality raving while with the relaxed vibe of being at house party. One for both seasoned ravers up for a change in pace, and newcomers stuck for choice in a sea of endless event invites and promoted posts. Roll with a small crew, roll with a large one. I personally can’t stand it when people say “This was vibes” but, yeah. This was vibes.



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