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Interview: Erb N Dub Interview & Top 10

Erb N Dub Interview: 


Can you talk about your forthcoming release?

My current release - Punk Rock is a co lab with North Base. We started the record over the net around a year ago. The original intro hook the guys wrote and eventually we got it replayed by a killer guitarist called Big R. 

I wrote a bass line and tested the tune out a few times. I wasn’t 100% on the drop so I shelved it. If it wasn’t for North Base pressuring me into finishing it it wouldn’t have seen a release. I went back in and with some new skills came up with a bass line we new would work… 


What was the first event you ever played at?

I played a few local gigs. But my first real gig was in Canada. I got a AOL Instant message one day asking would I go to Toronto for a show. I was mad excited. I remember being at the airport telling everyone (that would listen) I was a DJ and flying to Canada for a set lol


What has been your most memorable gig?

A gig in a Spanish cave where I got so drunk I can’t remember it and missed my flight home… Those were the days!


What’s the funniest experience you’ve had at a gig?

Ermmmmmm… There’s lots of back stage antics that shall remain unspoken. I enjoyed touring with Navigator and SMK as we are like family. Every gig was full of laughter.


Any plans for collaborations with other artists?

I have loads of new music with Crissy Criss & Malux on the way. Plus some with Tony Anthem. The Prototypes and Teebee both wanna get in the studio with me but sometimes its hard to find a time when we are all free!


Any advice you would give to upcoming producers?

Become a banker if you wanna earn real money. Or work your ass off and treat it like any other serious job. Every day matters!


Do you have a favourite venue or location to play at?


I always enjoy playing in my home town Brighton at Concord 2.


What is your most popular track of all time?

Most likely Move Down. Its a old track but the music video is so much fun!


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Erb N Dub Top 10: 


Ram Trilogy - Titan 

This was the tune that really got me into DNB!!!


Roni Size Represent - Brown Paper Bag 

I was a kid that snuck into Glastonbury and saw Represent live and Brown Paper Bag changed me. I saw a side of DNB I didn't know existed… Live DNB!


Aphex Twin - 4

 When I heard this track I immediately new I wanted to make computer music myself…


Drumsound and Bassline Smith - The Odyssey  

This tune reminds me of being a student. Such a classic! Look out for the 2017 VIP!!!


Asian Dub Foundation - Buzzin

I didn’t have a clue what dance music was and discovered this. I must have been 16! The personal classics still inspire me to this day. Music with no boundaries.


Asian Dub Foundation (featuring Navigator) - Culture Move

Listening to this on repeat as a kid I never would have thought that 20 years later Navigator would be like a big brother too me. This record blew me away!


DNB Art Form - Harry Shotta, Skibadee, Eksman, Dreps, Grima & Azza 

This is a current one. This doesn’t necessarily inspire me but I love that these guys are pushing vocal led Jump Up DNB… BIG!


Big Pun - Capital Punishment 

This is the Hip Hop I love! Growing up being surrounded Hip Hop heads I was blasted by it… Big Pun is def someone I can’t say inspired my love for that classic era of Hip Hop.


Noisia - Block Control 

Hearing this for the first time blew my mind. This was a game changer in DNB. It fuelled my love for the darker side of DNB.


Sub Focus - X Ray 

This was the first real DNB tune I heard on Radio One day time… It made me realise that DNB was crossing over and that there were and are many good careers to make in this scene! I also had it on repeat on a skiing holiday going flat out down the mountains!


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Erb N Dub & North Base - Punk Rock (BUY NOW) 


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Erb N Dub & North Base - Punk Rock (BUY NOW) 










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