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News: The annual Liquicity Festival is taking place in the Netherlands, for the first time this summer!!!

The annual Liquicity festival is taking place in the Netherlands, this summer on July 8th. For the first time, Liquicity have taken the event to the next level and made it into a 2 day festival complete with one of the BIGGEST line up's you will see anywhere in the Drum & Bass world.


(Featuring interviews with Etherwood, Maduk, Rameses B, Fox Stevenson, Feint, Pola & Bryson)

For the very first time, Liquicity Festival will be be a full weekend expereince! A Liquicity campsite directly next to the festival, the Drum & Bass music and some very special activities. 

There will be a limited amount of tickets, so don't miss out...

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 Nymfo | Technimatic | The Vanguard Project 
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