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News: It's A London Thing - '20 Years Of Garage - Mixed By Scott Garcia - (Kronik)

It's A London Thing - 
'20 Years Of Garage - The Blue Print' 
Mixed By Scott Garcia 
Released: 28th April 2017 
(Kronik Music) 

“It’s A London Thing' put everything in one place, because this scene was from London, and everyone knew it was strictly from London”

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The year is 2017. The UK Urban music scene is thriving, with the bridges from the underground to the mainstream seamlessly connecting to shine a light on London’s finest with no deterioration in quality. But before it all, there was UK Garage - the unique sound of London that gave birth to Grime, Funky House, Bassline, Dubstep and even MC culture with an influence that still resonates in the sounds of today.

Among a wide array of classic UKG tracks, SCOTT GARCIA’s ‘It’s A London Thing’ is arguably one of the most important landmarks in the vibrant rise of UK Garage as one of the original tracks to shine a spotlight on the scene by being the first to breach the UK Charts and be the very first of it’s kind to feature a UK MC Vocalist, and it’s been dominoes ever since for the UKG sound in both the progression of UK music & club culture all the way from synth giants Disclosure to Grime leviathan Stormzy.

It's A London Thing - 
'20 Years Of Garage - The Blue Print' - 
Track-listing (Sampler)

1. A London Thing (feat. MC Styles)
2. Reminisce 
3. Don't Wanna Hurt You (Exclusive)
4. Smiling (feat. JD Braithwaite & Mia Chevais) (Exclusive)
5. Scott Garcia - 'Closer' (Exclusive Digitally)
6. Scott Garcia - 'Waiting (Exclusive)



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