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Regression Sessions announces 5th Birthday tour, stage curations at We Are FSTVL and the last ever Secret Garden Party

After coming back from a summer of festivals 5 years ago, the Regression Sessions team were perplexed by how throughout summer they met so many people doused in glitter with zero attitude at all, having a ball to some amazing electronic music. Then, come September, it all seemed to be over. All of a sudden clubbing seemed all very serious in dark rooms, everyone dressed in boring clothes. Why couldn’t there be that same festival vibe in a nightclub?


Throughout the years, Regression Sessions’ brand of immersive interactive nightlife has grown in different stages, to the current, production-heavy variation you see today. For each new theme, there are bespoke sets built that are unique to Regression and its parties, and all complemented by a crack team of residents providing an exceptional house and techno soundtrack.


This spring/summer, RS will be celebrating 5 years in the game with a string of festival appearances and dates across the UK, kicking of with its biggest party to date on April 13th at Bankside Vaults in London.


Throughout May and June, the crew will touch down in Leeds, Manchester and Bristol too, with further dates planned for London including Ministry of Sound on July 8th.


May 28th will see Regression Sessions host their own stage at We Are FSTVL, with Russ Yallop, Adam Shelton, Dungeon Meat, and more in tow.


July 21st - 23rd the crew will head up their own stage at the last ever Secret Garden Party, and then once more on August 11th at Leefest.


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Tour Schedule


13th April: London - Bankside Vaults - RS 5th Birthday - The Land of Nod w/ Toyboy & Robin, Devstar, Granite State, Mista bounce, Naked Jake and more


26th May: Leeds - Canal Mills - The Land of Nod w/ lineup TBA


27th May: Manchester - Antwerp Mansion - The Land of Nod w/ lineup TBA


28th May: We Are FSTVL - Regression Sessions Stage -  Let’s Get Weird w/ Russ Yallop, Adam Shelton, Dungeon Meat, Jack Swift & Devstar, Granite State, Mista Bounce, Moucha


2nd June: Bristol - Lakota & Coroner’s Court - The Land of Nod w/ lineup TBA


3rd June: London - Fire & Lightbox - The Land of Nod w/ lineup TBA


8th July: London - Ministry of Sound w/ lineup TBA


21-23rd July: The Secret Garden Party Festival - lineup TBA


11th August: Leefest - Regression Sessions Stage - lineup TBA




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