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Interview: 5 minutes with L Plus

We caught up with L Plus recently to chat about his debut album, Hideout and his musical influencers:

Hi Larry. Can you tell us where you're from and what you do (Please tell us about briefly you're previous releases, who you have worked with and who you have remixed).

Hello, I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and I'm releasing music on Technique Recordings. People may know my tunes Amazing and Faces, both were really well played on gigs and youtube. My remixes of Tantrum Desire – Reach and John B – Light Speed pushed me a bit higher to the level when I was able to start to write an album.

Hideout is your debut album but you have been making and releasing music at a very high level for a while. Why has it taken this long to make one?

While writing single releases and EPs I wasn't focused to make an album one day. I was just happy to make small steps improving my engineering skills and watching the crowd dancing to my tunes. When Simon Bassline asked me if I would like to write an album in January 2015, I was feeling truly surprised and happy about that and I knew I wanted to make a big one.

How has the reception been to the album so far?

Extremely good! I had many reactions from DJs and fans even before it was released when I played tunes on parties. DJs asked me the names of tunes I was playing because they couldn't shazam them during the show. Now when the album is out I'm really happy to read all those daily messages, tweets, comments all over the social networks. It seems people like it and Hideout album is coming to the clubs.

Whats next for you? Have you touring to support the album, and if so, were are you off too?

In 3 days I'm flying to Japan for a mini tour, it will be my first time in Tokyo, so I'm really happy about that. Technique crew is helping me to solve the US tour in near future because there is really big interest from the promoters behind the ocean. And of course European gigs will cover the rest of my booking calendar. I'll come to France, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany and my home countries Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Finally. Every producer has their musical influences. Can you give us 5 tracks, artists or albums you listen to whilst making the album? (any genre)

I really listen to all of Drumsound & Bassline Smith tunes because what they are constantly producing over last years it's all bangers and super powered tunes, and that's what I like. I listen to Tantrum Desire and taking inspiration in clearness and crystal clear sound design he has in his tunes, it's always amazing listening. Ok that was the Technique crew and now someone else is gonna be Mefjus. I like his unique style, all his tunes sound so simple and original, that it's always inspirational for me. I love to listen soundtracks from 80's like Tango & Cash or Knight Rider TV series! That music is my fuel and the last inspiration is my own work from past times. I need to listen to old L PLUS to see I'm still moving and building my own style by small steps. That's my producers mirror!


L Plus' D&B top 10

THUG KILLER - Drumsound & Bassline Smith

TELEPORTATION – Dirtyphonics (The Prototypes rmx)

JETPACK – L PLUS & Drumsound & Bassline Smith

SHALL WE BEGIN – Mind Vortex

ORIGINAL 80's – L PLUS & John B


OUTATIME (part 2) - Cyantific





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