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Listen: Let It Roll release the 2nd volume of their annual compilation

‘Let It Roll vol. 2’
Featuring 21 exclusives
from the likes of Aphrodite,
Rido & Counterstrike, Icicle, 
A.M.C & many more
(Order here)

Let It Roll never do things in half measures, having conceived and evolved the largest 100% d&b festival in the world with a loyal and passionate fanbase numbering in the tens of thousands. Their identity undoubtedly lies at the apex of live events, with genre-defining line-up choices. It was only fitting then that a label would rise from such solid foundations: brought to life in 2016 with their first compilation the imprint brings a wide array of artists together to realize an incredibly weighty audio tome of drum & bass. 2017 brings with it the 2nd chapter with vol.2 bringing a gargantuan 43 tracks, including 21 exclusive new tracks.

 Let It Roll Vol.2 features a fierce archival selection, with some of the year’s biggest anthems such as ‘Dead Limit’ from Noisia & The Upbeats, The PrototypesTransmission, Dimension’s Automatik and Emperor’s I Was, alongside bona fide classics such as dBridge & Vegas - True Romance and the heavyweight underground sounds of artists such as Misanthrop, Current Value and Ivy Lab.


But with 21 slabs of some of the freshest and thoroughly diverse material that d&b has to offer, this is where it really delivers a delicious to your audio receptors. Rido & Counterstrike deliver a deadly update to their bespoke festival anthem with Let It Roll VIP, which ups the grit and takes the tune to new and filthy subsonic lows, whilst original dnb pioneer Aphrodite baptizes the label with his fresh but old school take on Let It Roll.

 On the cutting edge, the ever-more established French trio Signs come with a full frontal tech assault in Motion Capture, with driven frenetic percussion and hostile strobing synths. Icicle unfurls the immaculate levels of production that everyone has come to expect, with Electronic Bandwagon bringing unimaginable levels of bounce that skirts the line between aggressive and playful. Changing Faces and Ero Drummer set scenes of immaculate and smooth beauty with Day for Night and About You, immersing tired ears in a sea of liquid awe, heavily contrasting to Maztek & Gridlok’s disgustingly heavy onslaught with Black Sky (ft. MC Verse).


Let It Roll are undeniably one of today’s most fundamental institutions in drum & bass, delivering here an LP of significant proportions only fitting to the nature of their behemoth. Out on the 10th February, Vol.2 is a mighty fine way to welcome you to the core.

 Stream ‘Let It Roll’ by Aphrodite:

Track List:


1. Rido & Counterstrike - Let It Roll VIP
2. Maztek & Gridlok feat. MC Verse - Black Sky
3. Aphrodite - Let It Roll
4. Icicle - Electronic Bandwagon
5. Gydra feat. Tayser - Make My Life
6. A-Cray - Glitch
7. Madface feat. Coppa - Far From Paradise
8. A.M.C - Convention
9. Levela - Penguin
10. Agressor Bunx - Experience
11. The Prototypes - Transmission
12. Feint - Outer Reaches (Instrumental)
13. Trilo & Dub Elements - KILO
14. Prolix - Danger
15. Spectrasoul feat. dBridge - Glimpse (Ivy Lab Remix)
16. Tantrum Desire feat. Rhymestar - Anarchist
17. Ero Drummer - About You
18. Aperio - Heaven
19. Silence Groove - Connection (All Night Long)
20. Changing Faces & Malaky - Day For Night
21. NCT feat. Deuce & Charger - Golden Hour
22. Kutlo & Goh - The Void
23. L 33 - Clublife
24. Symplex - Lost Signal
25. dBridge feat. Vegas - True Romance
26. Gerra & Stone - Girl
27. Karma - Make It Through
28. Nymfo - Everyday Emotions
29. Sub Zero & Dub Motion - Oh Girl
30. Telekinesis feat. Coppa - Fight Club (Pythius Remix)
31. Maniatics - Player
32. Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit
33. Emperor - I Was
34. Misanthrop - Infinite Hysteria
35. Ed:It - Babylon Step
36. Rido - Pure Frequency
37. Dimension - Automatik
38. Signs - Motion Capture
39. dRamatic - Save The Game
40. Matrix & Futurebound - Scatterbrain
41. Subtension - Low Right Now
42. Current Value & Phace - Thump
43. Original Sin - So Vivid

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